Movies at UW-MAN

Don't miss our movie collection!  We collect for a variety of interests, including documentaries, foreign films, classics, and recent films that have attracted critical acclaim.

Our collection is divided into two parts:

  • Videos:  These include documentary and educational films, shelved across from the director's office. 
  • Movies:  These are feature films shelved in the north reading room area, to the right of the circulation desk.

For information about finding and selecting movies, see these Library Guides:

  • MAN-Films:  Provides instructions on how to find films in the UW-Manitowoc library, how to order them from other libraries, and how to find critical articles and reviews about films.
  • MAN-Movies about Mental Disorders and Disabilities Identifies movies with portrayals of mental illness or disorder.  Also provides access to the sources used to compile the lists.