Introduction to Library Databases

This session covers how to find scholarly journal articles using library databases.  

  1. What are databases and why use them?
  2. Selecting the right databases for your needs
    1. Selecting by subject
    2. Selecting by type of material or source
  3. Searching databases
    1. Need-to-know: keyword, boolean, field, subject
    2. Boolean operators: AND, OR, NOT
    3. Thesaurus or subject heading lists
  4. Limiting results & sorting
  5. Reviewing records: citation information, abstract, subject headings
  6. Retrieving full-text
    1. Opening records
    2. Sfx
    3. Document delivery
  7. Remote access to databases
  8. Other database features:
    1. Creating search alerts
    2. Using ready-made citations
    3. Accounts & folders
  9. Related database features
    1. Citation Lookup
    2. Journals A to Z

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