UW-Manitowoc students have no problem getting access to the materials they need to succeed academically.  They benefit from being part of the larger University of Wisconsin System.  As such, they have borrowing privileges at all the UW campus libraries, but there's no need to travel.  Countless resources are available right here in Manitowoc.   Here's a look at how collaborative library programs serve our students and make good use of limited resources.

  1. UW libraries use Search@UW , a one-stop search box used to discover and deliver local and remote resources, such as books, journal articles, and digital objects.  If something is not available from the UW-Manitowoc library, a student can order it from other UW libraries.  Depending upon which library owns an item, a student will sometimes get an item delivered on the same day it is ordered. 
  2. UW libraries participate in a delivery service, so that students can order materials from other UW libraries and have them delivered to their home campus. 
  3. UW Colleges libraries have a shared collection development policy that directs library acquisitions so that we don't duplicate each other's collection unnecessarily. 
  4. UW Colleges libraries collectively subscribe to electronic databases of journal, periodical, and other literature.  At each renewal, librarians review a database for usability, quality, and  alignment with freshman-sophomore research needs.  We also analyze the uses made of the resource and take a close look at cost per use numbers.   In addition to subscriptions to UW Colleges databases, we participate in the UW System shared electronic collections, which significantly expands the world of information available to students, and presents them with a library that is equal to that of any four year school.
  5.  UW Colleges libraries provide a chat help service.  If you are having trouble using library resources, start a chat.  A friendly academic librarian will assist you!

Explore this site to learn more about collections available to library users at UW-Manitowoc.