Citing Sources

This session covers how to identify the parts of a citation and how to format bibliographic citations.  It also covers when and how to cite within the text of a paper.  This works well in the classroom, unless the emphasis is on bibliographic management tools, which require a computer lab.

  1. Why cite?
  2. The elements of a citation
  3. In-text citing
    1. When to cite
    2. How to cite in the text of a paper
      1. Quote
      2. Paraphrase
      3. Summarize
      4. Common knowledge--what qualifies?
  4. Bibliographic styles
    1. American Chemical Society (A.C.S.)
    2. American Psychological Society (A.P.A.)
    3. Modern Language Association (M.L.A.)
    4. Turabian/Chicago
  5. Bibliographic management software
    1. Noodletools
    2. Zotero
    3. EndNote
    4. Mendeley

See Citing Sources for Academic Success Library Guide