Foundation Scholarships

UW-Manitowoc Alumni Foundation scholarships are awarded annually. Students are selected by the Academic Actions and Awards Committee composed of UW-Manitowoc faculty, staff and student members.

Criteria for Continuing Student Scholarships

  • Full-time enrollment at UW-Manitowoc
  • 3.5 GPA based on seven semesters of high school
  • 3.0 GPA after one semester at UW-Manitowoc

Criteria for New Freshmen Scholarships

  • University of Wisconsin admission application submitted by April 15.
  • Scholarship application submitted prior to April 15, accompanied by an autobiography including the following elements:
    • personal background
    • financial need
    • educational history
    • interests
    • extra-curricular activities
    • future educational plans
    • occupational interests and goals

Please see the Scholarships page in the financial aid section of the site for additional scholarship information.