Student Senate

UW-Manitowoc has a student senate and a collegium comprised of faculty, staff and students.

Senators are elected by their peers and may serve one or two semesters. The goals of the Senate are to represent student interests and to promote student activities. All faculty committees and the faculty collegium contain Student Senate representatives.

The Senate also arranges activities throughout the year including cosmic bowling, rollerskating and dances, community service projects, movie nights, live entertainment and assorted field trips. Contact Katie Seibel, advisor, at 920-683-4709 for more information.

The Student Senate Officers for 2013-14 are:

President: Brittani Jaeger

Vice President: Haley Groelle

UW Colleges Student Governance Council

Students also have a voice in the statewide institutional governance structure. The UW Colleges Student Governance Council elects three representatives and three alternates who sit on the statewide UW Colleges Senate.

The SGC officers for 2013-14 are:

President: Alex Roberts / UW-Waukesha
Vice President:  Cole Harder / UW-Marathon County
Financial Director: Duel Harmon / UW-Marathon County
Executive Director: Hannah Wirhanowicz / UW-Marinette
Advisor: Kimberly Valenza / UW-Marshfield/Wood County

Find more information about SGC here.