UW-Manitowoc Receives Donations to Support Student Internships


The UW-Manitowoc Foundation, Inc. recently received donations that will help support students as they pursue research and career possibilities through internships.

A grant from the West Foundation will support two undergraduate research internships for each of the next two summers. The student researchers, under the sponsorship of a faculty member, must collaboratively engage in faculty-student research or creative activity. Students will apply for the positions in spring for the internship that will be completed during the summer.

“This generous grant from the West Foundation allows us to continue to support student research, which the UW-Manitowoc Foundation, Inc. began funding two years ago,” said Charles Clark, UW-Manitowoc Dean. “The West Foundation is a strong supporter of education in Manitowoc County. This grant allows UW-Manitowoc to continue its commitment to student success.”

A donation from the Hooper Foundation will provide $20,000 for scholarships for UW-Manitowoc students who successfully complete internships at local non-profit social service agencies. The scholarships will be an incentive for students to participate in the otherwise unpaid internships and gain valuable experience. Laura Apfelbeck, UW-Manitowoc Internship Coordinator, will help match students with internships that will aid them in meeting their goals. The Hooper Foundation commemorates the philanthropic work of Mark and Helen Hooper, especially in the areas of art and education in the Manitowoc community.

“Internships are becoming an increasingly important part of how students gain field experience in their chosen or prospective majors,” said Clark. “Many times, because of financial need, a student has to choose between a paying job which may not be related to their field of study, and an unpaid internship. The gift from the Hooper Foundation will make it possible for some students to gain field experience in the non-profit sector of our community and be rewarded financially after serving. With strong support from both the West Foundation and the Hooper Foundation, the UW-Manitowoc Foundation, Inc. is able to help students at the University of Wisconsin-Manitowoc achieve their goals.”


Dr. Charles Clark