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I'm a full professor in the University of Wisconsin Colleges Philosophy Department. As such I teach freshman and sophomore level courses almost exclusively – the UWC, composed of 13 campuses across the state, is mainly a transfer-feeder institution for the other 13 baccalaureate campuses.  My department colleagues are among the very best I've ever met, anywhere, anytime. No, we won't ever do the Carus or Gifford lectures. Our teaching loads prohibit putting out many landmark books (though we've outpublished many of our baccalaureate sibling departments). When it comes to teaching at the more introductory levels, however, I would put us up against anyone.

As for me – I'm a pretty basic analytic philosopher, nontheist, (card-carrying) skeptic, materialist (of some sort– just a non-Cartesian most aptly), though also enchanted by poetry, music, and silliness of all varieties (particularly British, being an unremitting Anglophile). I have a somewhat unusual background in that I come from shall we say underprivileged Southern stock, was for a time an evangelical Christian (trained for the ministry in fact, and have an undergraduate degree in religion as well as philosophy), and received my philosophical training from a "jock school" (as someone at an APA put it).  My interests are mostly in the areas of analytical metaphysics and philosophy of science, but I suppose I intellectually (and attitudinally) align quite nicely with the "Canberra planners".

1996 Wisconsin Professor of the Year, Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching
2009 Chancellor's Award for Outstanding Achievement



"Presentism and Einstein's Train of Thought: Reply to Brogaard and Marlow" forthcoming in Erkenntnis.

"B-Time: A Reply to Tallant" (with L. Nathan Oaklander) Analysis 67, 2007, 332-340.

"Quick Thinking? Not So Fast!" Sorites #15, December 2004, and Chronos: Proceedings of the Philosophy of Time Society 2004.

"Picturing Einstein's Train of Thought," Philosophy October 1996, 591-594.

"Single-Topic Introductory Philosophy--An Update," Teaching Philosophy June 1996, 137-144.

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"How to Mind One's Ethics: A Reply to van Inwagen," Analysis January 1990, 33-35.

"Whitehead, Special Relativity, and Simultaneity," Process Studies 1984, 275-285.

"Ferre and the Problem of Temporal Location," The Southern Journal of Philosophy Spring 1982, 133-137.

"Sensa and Patterns," Process Studies 1980, 39-43.

In Books

"A.I. : Artistic Indulgence or Advanced Inquiry?," in Steven Spielberg and Philosophy (We're Gonna Need a Bigger Book), ed. by Dean Kowalski, University Press of Kentucky, 2011.

"Freedom and World-Views in The X-Files," in The X-Files and Philosophy, ed. by Dean Kowalski, University Press of Kentucky, September 2007.

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"Antinomy" (song) in Roy A. Sorenson, A Short History of Paradoxes, Oxford, 2003.

"Introductory Philosophy--A Restricted Topic Approach," In the Socratic Tradition: Essays on Teaching Philosophy, ed. by Tziporah Kasachkoff, Rowman and Littlefield, 1998.


Review of Manuel Vargas Building Better Beings Oxford University Press 2013 forthcoming in Philosophy in Review.
Review of David Hodgson Rationality + Consciousness = Free Will. New York: Oxford University Press 2012 in Philosophy in Review (2013).

Review of A Brief History of Analytic Philosophy: From Russell to Rawls, Stephen P. Schwartz, (Wiley- Blackwell) 2012, in Teaching Philosophy (March 2013).

Review of Free Will: A Guide to the Perplexed by T. J. Mawson (Continuum, 2011) in Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews 2011.

Review of Jonathan Bennett's A Philosophical Guide to Conditionals in The Review of Metaphysics, 2005.

A.B. Northwest Nazarene University
M.A. University of Tennessee
Ph.D. University of Tennessee