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LWE Music Unites Us

The UW-Manitowoc Lakeshore Wind Ensemble plays a full spectrum of music from symphonic band literature, including dramatic classical works, rousing marches, swinging big band tunes, and lyrical ballads. Members are comprised of both community members and UW-Manitowoc students.

2017-2018 | 34 th Concert Season - Music Unites Us

Music has always been a vital part of life in Wisconsin’s communities, dating back to its founding. There are city bands in many towns and burgs all over Wisconsin, which have been in operation for a century or more...and music is no less important today than when these bands were formed! This season the Lakeshore Wind Ensemble celebrates its thirty-fourth year.

Community bands are a commonality, a ‘touchstone’ for us, something that can cross generational lines and unite all of us in the community, regardless of age, gender, race, religion, or place of origin. They are a TEAM SPORT, where everyone is a starter and no one has to ‘ride the bench,’ and one can participate far into one’s senior years. (Members of the bands are in their seventies and eighties and still going strong.)

Please join us this season as “Music Unites Us” in a celebration of music through the ages and generations, from polkas and TV theme songs to marches and concertos.

Dr. Marc Sackman, LWE Conductor and Music Director
Paul Sucherman, LBB Conductor and Music Director

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