Returning Adult Students

A college education opens doors - for you and for your life. It can mean new skills, a better job, a career, a promotion, a higher salary, a way to pursue areas of interest and an opportunity to challenge your mind. We can help you succeed as you begin or continue a college education.

Adult Students at UW-Manitowoc

Adult students, often called returning adults or non-traditional students, are ages 22 and over. At UW-Manitowoc, almost 28% of our students are returning adults. That means you’ll benefit from services designed with the adult student in mind, such as:

  • Advisors specialized in the needs of returning adults students
  • One-on-one assistance in the application and admission process
  • Career and academic planning assistance
  • Day, evening and on-line courses
  • Learning Center offering free academic assistance
  • Child care reimbursement
  • Returning adult student organization, Adult College Experience (ACE)
  • Financial aid, veteran's benefits and scholarship assistance

Adult Student Advisors

Our Adult Student Advisors are dedicated to meeting the needs of adult students. They can talk with you about starting or returning to college, credit transfer, career planning, financing your education, course planning, balancing your responsibilities, and anything else you have questions about. If you would like to set up an appointment, contact the Student Affairs Office by phone at (920) 683-4707.

Returning Adult Student Organization

ACE (Adult College Experience), is UW-Manitowoc’s non-traditional student organization. For more information, contact Sr. Student Affairs Coordinator and ACE advisor Julie DeZeeuw at 920-683-4707.

More Reasons to Choose UW-Manitowoc

In addition to the specialized services and personal attention we offer, there are a host of additional reasons to choose UW-Manitowoc, including

  • You can earn an Associate's Degree from the University of Wisconsin
  • You can start studying toward one of over 200 majors
  • Class sizes are small, and you can get to know your professors
  • Tuition is the lowest in the UW System
  • You can stay right here in your community
  • You can even complete a UW-Milwaukee bachelor's degree in Organizational Administration, Communication, or Information Resources right on the UW-Manitowoc campus

Getting Started...

Call Julie DeZeeuw ( to help you get started on the application process at 920-683-4707.

Or, you can simply follow the steps below to get started:

  • Complete the online application form at
  • Remember to submit the $44 application fee.
  • Since you're over 21, you do NOT have to take the ACT or SAT tests that other students do. You might also be able to get credit for any other courses you've had since high school or since earning your GED.
  • Request that transcripts from your high school (or the score sheet from your GED) and transcripts from any other schools you may have attended since high school be sent to the UW Colleges Office of Admissions, 780 Regent Street, Madison, WI  53715

Call the Office of Student Affairs (920-683-4707) and ask for an appointment. If you can't get in during regular business hours, ask for special arrangements. We'll find a way to see you!

For on-line help and advising, check out the site listed below. This site also has a great section called “careers”. It includes sections about different majors, and about assessing your interests and abilities to begin finding the right career for you.

Visit the UW Colleges site for returning adult students