Academic advising is a very important part of your college experience at UW-Manitowoc. The main purpose of advising is to assist you to develop educational plans that are compatible with your life goals. The ultimate responsibility for making decisions about your educational plans rests directly with you, but your academic advisor can help!

Your Advisor Can Help You...

  • Choose classes that promote your progress toward your degree
  • Choose classes that help you to explore your interests and abilities to identify your eventual major goal or find those needed for a major already chosen
  • Build a class schedule that balances your homework and class load
  • Connect with a knowledgeable professional in your chosen field

Contact Student Affairs at 920-683-4707 or e-mail

Long distance video advising is available through Skype!

Call 683-2829, or e-mail Julie DeZeeuw ( to set up an appointment. Great for:

  • Moms at home with their kids
  • Veterans serving out of state or out of the country
  • Those who don't want to make the long drive to campus
  • Anyone who can't make it to campus to meet with an advisor!