Students connecting through nature research
UW-Manitowoc students get involved in research that benefits the community.
photo of people standing on a farm
Internships help our students gain relevant experience in their field of interest.
students studying
Our students have access to the library, study groups and the Learning Center to help them succeed.
Instructor giving a lecture
80% of our instructors have Ph.D.’s or hold the highest degree in their field.
Undergrad Research
Academic Support
Quality Faculty


The University of Wisconsin-Manitowoc has outstanding professors, who hold teaching excellence as their highest priority. The University of Wisconsin is a name with recognition ... locally, regionally, nationally, and even internationally. It connotes quality in higher education.

As a UW-Manitowoc student you can earn the Associate of Arts and Science Degree. This degree encompasses the liberal arts, which are the foundation for many majors and for acquiring a Bachelor's degree.

Several bachelor's degree completion programs available thru the UW-Manitowoc campus in partnership with UW System four year schools allow you to continue your education close to home.

Earning your degree at UW-Manitowoc enables you to put three very powerful words on your resume: University of Wisconsin.