Interlibrary Loan: Within the UW System

If UW-Manitowoc does not own a DVD or video that you want, or if it is checked out, then you might want to borrow the title from another library.  Here's how to do that. 

You'll need to sign into Search@UW before you can order anything.  Go to the upper left corner of the screen and select Sign in. 

Sign in  

A new window will open.  Select the link: 

UW Colleges students/staff login here

The UW Colleges network login window will open.  Sign in with your network username and password. 

After logging in, search the catalog for the title you want. 

Title search

If you want to filter out articles from journal databases, use the drop-down menu to narrow your search to the UW Colleges or to the UW System.  Because we limited to the UW Colleges in the search and used quotations, our search retrieved only three results.  A quick look shows that the first item is the correct film. 

Results list from Search@UW database 

The instructions say to either click on the title or on the "view two versions" link.   You will see a new screen.  

If you look at the second record, you'll see that the Manitowoc copy is grayed out, showing that it is no longer available.  There is a green light next to the Sheboygan record.  

Select the "Find & Request" tab and use the drop down menu options to select the copy you want and the location where it should be sent (Manitowoc).  Since you have already signed in, you are ready to select the "Call Slip" button to order it. 


Request a film from another library

You will get a message showing that your request was successfully sent.  You will receive an email when the film you ordered is available for pick-up. 

Successful request message