Technology FAQs

How do I log onto campus computers?

To access your student account login information, visit Enter the information requested to receive your network login, PRISM, and Desire2Learn (D2L) username and password.

How do I change my password?

Visit the Central IT website to change your password.

How can I access my campus email?

The UW Colleges use Microsoft Live @edu for student email. New students should start by going to the Student Account Look Up page to get your username and to set your password. Then click on the Email link at the top of the page to get to your email.

How do I save documents on campus computers?

Save your work to the My Documents folder on the desktop. You can then access your files from any campus computer.

What should I know about printing on campus?

Every student begins the semester with a print quota of 200 pages. When you have exhausted your quota, additional pages can be purchased from the Administrative Services Office at 5 cents per page.

How do I connect my laptop to the campus wireless network?

Open your Internet browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc.), you'll be redirected to a login page. Simply log on using your email address and password.

Where can I check out technology equipment?

The UW-Manitowoc Library offers many items for checkout, including laptops, camcorders, digital cameras, audio recorders, and mp3 players.

Where can I find discounted software?

All UW students have access to discounted software, go to

How do I use PRISM?

PRISM has a Student Help page at:

If your question wasn't answered here, click here for a copy of this semester's Technology Resources Brochure