Stone to speak about the 60s in film at Lester Public Library

By Teresa Satori

As part of its Scholar for Life Series, the Lester Public Library in Two Rivers will host a program by Dr. Christopher Stone, assistant professor of history at the University of Wisconsin-Manitowoc, on Thursday, March 27 in the library’s community room beginning at 6:00 p.m.

Stone will examine the 1960s through the lens of film as he presents “Field of Dreams: The Image of the Sixties in American Cinema.” He will discuss the Celluloid Sixties, as imagined, depicted and interpreted by American filmmakers, by looking at films like “American Graffiti” and “Animal House” and what they say about the relationship of the ’50s and ’60s. He’ll also look closely at movies like the “Big Chill” and “Sneakers” that examine the post-1960s experiences of individuals who strongly identified with the social movements and cultural upheaval of the ‘60s 

Stone has been teaching at UW-Manitowoc since 2009. He earned his bachelor’s degree from Western Carolina University, his master’s degree from the University of Georgia-Athens, and his doctorate in modern American history from Indiana University.

This is the second of four free public lectures in the Scholar for Life Series scheduled at the Lester Public Library in partnership with UW-Manitowoc. Upcoming lectures include: “The Invention of Calculus: A Soap Opera 1700s Style” by Brian Murphy, associate professor of mathematics; and “The Search for Consciousness” by Maureen Crowley, associate professor of psychology. The series aims to provide access to lifelong learning that enhances lives and communities. No registration is required.


Teresa Satori