“ReallyBIGPRINTS!!” to be featured at Rahr-West Art Museum

By UW-Manitowoc

The Rahr-West Art Museum will host the "ReallyBIGPRINTS!!" exhibit August 10-17, with a closing reception at 1:00 p.m. on the 17th. The exhibit will feature editions of 41 large-scale relief prints created during last month’s five-day steamroller printmaking event at UW-Manitowoc.

"ReallyBIGPRINTS!!" was a very special instance of printmakers coming together, and working within a framework of multi-faceted collaboration to do something a bit out of the ordinary. Most printmaking studios are not equipped to print images of this scale, or have enough space to exhibit them. While printmaking studios tend to be shared and often collaborative spaces, the cooperation to realize ReallyBIGPRINTS!! involved a wider group. Municipal, academic, corporate and private entities, as well as volunteers and the printmakers’ friends and families, all participated to make this happen.

The exhibit will also travel to the Hamilton Wood Type and Printing Museum for display September 5 through November 22, 2014.

"ReallyBIGPRINTS!!" was organized by Berel Lutsky, associate professor of art at UW-Manitowoc, and Ben Rinehart, associate professor of painting and printmaking at Lawrence University. For information about the event, visit “the Arts” tab at www.uwmanitowoc.uwc.edu.


Berel Lutsky