Office of Continuing Education Introduces New Online Course: Certificate in Stress Management

By UW-Manitowoc

UW-Manitowoc’s Office of Continuing Education has a program that makes it easy to take high-quality, noncredit online courses through a partnership with ed2go. Hundreds of online, instructor-led courses are available and now the campus is pleased to announce the addition of a “Certificate in Stress Management” to its offerings.

The certificate course explores the physiological, social, and psychological impacts of stress and various modalities used to get stress under control. The relationship between stress and health, nutrition, and physical activity is examined along with how stress can develop in the workplace; and much more.

This course is part of the UW-Manitowoc Office of Continuing Education’s growing catalog of more than 300 instructor-facilitated online courses. Through well-crafted lessons, expert online instruction, and interaction with fellow students, participants in these courses gain valuable knowledge at their convenience. Students can access the classroom 24/7 from anywhere with an Internet connection and have the flexibility to study at their own pace combined with enough structure and support to complete the course.

New sessions of each course run every month. The courses are entirely Web-based with comprehensive lessons. A dedicated professional instructor facilitates every course; pacing learners, answering questions, giving feedback, and facilitating discussions.


Suzanne Lawrence