Energy Analysis to Help UW-Manitowoc Increase Energy Awareness and Savings


The University of Wisconsin-Manitowoc, in its ongoing commitment to energy efficiency on campus, has initiated a partnership with Honeywell to perform an in-depth energy analysis of all campus facilities.  The purpose of this analysis is to identify opportunities for energy savings and infrastructure improvements in regards to lighting, mechanical, electrical, water, building envelope, etc. This in-depth energy analysis is expected to take approximately six months to complete.

The potential savings will be substantial.  Based upon a preliminary analysis, savings opportunities in excess of 20% have been identified.  The results of the in-depth analysis will provide a high level of detail, and pinpoint specific opportunities for savings associated with each individual energy conservation measure.

The implementation of these energy conservation measures will NOT require the campus to invest any of its own funds.  The campus has been proactive in accessing a funding program developed by the State of Wisconsin for energy efficiency.  All costs incurred for this project will be paid for through this state program.  In addition, the savings will be verified by the state and guaranteed by Honeywell.  As a result, UW-Manitowoc will improve its energy efficiency with budget neutrality and guaranteed savings.

Furthermore, UW-Manitowoc will be working with Honeywell in promoting energy awareness on campus.  Through collaborations among students, faculty, staff and Honeywell, energy issues will have increased visibility on campus.  Our goal is to engage the entire campus in the process, thereby fostering better energy decisions. 

Lastly, various renewable energy opportunities on campus will also be investigated.  Whether wind, solar, geothermal or biomass, UW-Manitowoc will be evaluating not only the environmental and social impact, but also the fiscal impact on the campus.

According to Charles Clark, Campus Dean/CEO, “We are very excited about the opportunity to participate in this study.  We anticipate that the UW-Manitowoc facility will model energy efficiency and sustainability after the work is completed.  We look forward to the increased energy awareness and savings that will occur and we look forward to sharing the outcomes with the community.”


Teresa Satori