Donation to UW-Manitowoc Foundation Supports Talentships


The Lakeshore Wind Ensemble Association (LWEA) recently made a $10,000 donation to the UW-Manitowoc Foundation designated for the support of the Beatrice and Matthew Arendt Talentship program.  The donation was made possible after a generous gift was made to the LWEA from the Margaret Luisier Trust in memory of her parents Charles (Cy) and Florence Urbanek.  The LWEA Endowment committee decided to allocate a portion of that donation for talentships.

“One of the primary roles of the Lakeshore Wind Ensemble Association and its relationship to UW-Manitowoc has been its educational mission,” says Michael Arendt, conductor and music director of the Lakeshore Wind Ensemble. “I’m thrilled that, as a result of the Luisier bequest, we are able to contribute a significant gift to the UW-Manitowoc Foundation in order to support our LWE Talentship program.”

Charles Clark, Campus Dean and CEO, is also appreciative. “This is a wonderful example of the strong community-campus partnership that exists between the LWE Association and UW-Manitowoc.”

The Beatrice and Matthew Arendt Talentship program was established in 1988 through the UW-Manitowoc Foundation, Inc. and the Lakeshore Wind Ensemble Association.  These cash awards recognize excellence in music performance on the part of individual students at UW-Manitowoc.  To apply, students must be enrolled in the LWE, maintain a minimum grade point average and perform an audition solo.

To date, 128 talentship recipients have been awarded more than $25,000.  Currently, recipients each receive $400.


Teresa Satori