Call Board (Auditions)

Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead, by Bert V. Royal

Initial Auditions: Saturday, September 6 at 11:00 am
Callbacks: Sunday, September 7 at 1:00 pm

Location: UW-Manitowoc University Theatre


CB - Male
He is intensely saddened over the death of his dog. He questions the world and wonders if there is an afterlife.

CB's Sister - Female
Has gone Goth, she is a character that is searching for who she truly is. Christian, Wiccan, Buddhist or a platypus….

Van - Male
Always the philosopher in childhood, is now a pothead with a worldview to match.

Matt - Male
Is a pathological germophobe whose dirtiness has been internalized - he's sex-obsessed and homophobic.

Beethoven - Male
Became the school outcast prior to events in the play. A former friend to all the cast, is now bullied relentlessly.

Tricia York -Female
A party girl in school and out!

Marcy - Female
A party girl and Tricia York's sidekick!

Van's Sister - Female
Has been institutionalized for setting a Little Red-Haired Girl's hair on fire.



Audition Process

Prep: You should familiarize yourself with the script. Be prepared to do cold readings from the script. If you have a monologue, Ray would love to hear it. Be prepared for movement if needed.

We are also looking for people to work on crews, including stage management, marketing, and production. If you are a currently enrolled student, you may enroll in COM 131 for 1 credit depending on your credit load and financial aid status.