Past Recipients

Ackley w student2014-15

Left to right: Matthew Huber, Professor Dr. Daniel Ackley






2013-14 Talentship Award Winners2013-14

Back, from left to right: Professor Michael J. Arendt, Costner Kaminski; Front, from left to right: Marissa Senglaub, Autumn Linsmeier, Noahli Skarvan





2012-13 Talentship award winners2012-13

Back, from left to right: Professor Michael J. Arendt, Tyler Jensen, Brett Jensen, Costner Kaminski, Marissa Senglaub; Front, from left to right: Christiana Bartelme, Nicole Senglaub, Emily Madson; Not pictured: Noahli Ellerman



2011-12 talentship award winners2011-12 

Back, standing, left to right: Zachary Aebly, Allysa Nelson, James DeRoche,  Professor Michael J. Arendt; Front, seated, left to right: Brett Jensen, Elizabeth Binversie, Thomas Edwards, Michelle Gunzel.




2010-11 talentship award winners2010-11

Left to right standing: Thomas Edwards, Zachary Aebly, James DeRoche, Timothy Hlinek, Professor Michael J. Arendt; Seated, left to right: Andrew Olp, Michelle Gunzel, Corey Schmitz, Joelle Mark.




2009-10 talentship award winners2009-10

Left to right standing: Andrew Olp, Michelle Freiberg, Ryan Mooneyham, and Professor Michael J. Arendt; Seated, left to right: Matthew Lohr, Kayla Stuebbe, Kylie Terp, and Patrick Heili.




2008-09 talentship award winners2008-09

Back: Chad Alsteen, LWE Conductor Michael Arendt, Chelsea Webster and Ryan Mooneyham; Front: Matthew Lohr, Michelle Freiberg and Patrick Heili




2007-08 talentship award winners2007-08

Back: Justin Krey, Chelsea Webster, LWE Conductor Michael Arendt; Front: Courtney Hermsen, Ryan Mooneyham and Chad Alsteen





2006-07 talentship award winners2006-07

Back: Justin Krey, Joe Bauer, Eric Olp, Professor Michael J. Arendt; Front: Lisa Freiberg, Ashley Koch, Adam Myers, Kristen Webster