Lakeshore Wind Ensemble

Dear Friends of the Lakeshore Wind Ensemble,

The 2013-1014 season of the UW-Manitowoc Lakeshore Wind Ensemble is indeed special. The pearl is the symbol for 30 years, so “A String of Pearls” by Glenn Miller is a fitting sub-title for our 30th Anniversary Season. As you browse this web-site and our brochure, I know you will find an exciting program of music which is both new and also reminiscent of our history as a major musical organization in our region. We also offer many exciting opportunities such as the LWEA Young Artist Competition, the Talentship Program, Community Service Award, and more!

From our traditional five Lakeshore Wind Ensemble concerts to the two Lakeshore Big Band concerts at the Capitol Civic Centre, we hope you will join us for this historic anniversary season.

I hope to see you at all of our concerts during our 2013-2014 Anniversary Season! I invite you to consider a subscription membership, or become a donor to our Lakeshore Wind Ensemble Association (tax deductible to the extent provided by the law). If you are already a subscriber or donor, we sincerely thank you for being continuing part of our musical family.

Musically yours,

Michael J. Arendt, Conductor/Music Director
UW-Manitowoc Lakeshore Wind Ensemble
Professor Emeritus of Music, UW-Manitowoc

2013-2014 LWE Program Advertising Opportunities

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