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Really BIGPRINTS!! 2016 is on for July 14,15,16 !!!!!!!!      Sign-up will begin in Sept. 2015 - check back here for more details!!!

































































































































































































































































 ReallyBIGPRINTS!! 2014




















































































Rahr-West Art Musuem

August 10 - 17, 2014
RBP Event GIFClosing Reception, Sunday, August 17, 1:00 pm

Hamilton Wood Type & Printing  Museum
September 5 – 22, 2014
Closing  Reception, Saturday, November 22 4:00PM  to 6:00PM

Check out the documentary on the Really Big Prints!! event.

Welcome to ReallyBIGPRINTS!!  Many amazing Printmakers from near and far came to UW-Manitowoc on July 21-25, 2014 to create editions of 41 large-scale relief prints. This event has put Manitowoc on the map for printmakers and print collectors alike. The number of participants and duration of the event makes it unique, as well as the opportunity for the printmakers to print a limited edition of a large-scale print, and have it exhibited “hot off the press” here, at  the  Rahr-West Museum of  Art. 

The art of printmaking realizes the oxymoron of the “original multiple.” These images are not reproductions, but original pieces  which are conceived and  created to exist as a limited edition. The vehicle for creating the multiple is a matrix that can be  printed repeatedly. For these prints the matrix was created as a relief. Wood, MDF, linoleum, or plastic was carved or painted on top of to create the image. The matrix was then rolled with printing ink, the raised areas became coated with the ink, while the low areas remained clean and open. Paper was then placed onto top of the inked matrix. The ink was transferred onto the paper with the steamroller.

Relief printing is one of the oldest forms of printmaking and is believed to have its origins in China before 220 AD. It developed both as an art form and a commercial enterprise for textiles in the Far East. The western relief tradition also began with printing on cloth and continued to become the earliest form of book illustration in the western canon beginning around 1460, soon after books began to be printed with moveable type. The printing craft developed mostly for commercial use over the next few centuries. It is only relatively recently, in the late1800’s, that artists began regularly creating matrices and printing unique images. To describe this practice, a new artistic designation of  “printmaker” evolved.

ReallyBIGPRINTS!! Is a very special instance of printmakers coming together, and working within a framework of multi-faceted collaboration to do something a bit out of the ordinary. Most printmaking studios are not equipped to print images of this scale, or have enough space to exhibit them. While printmaking studios tend to be shared and often collaborative spaces, the cooperation to realize ReallyBIGPRINTS!! involved a wider group. Municipal, academic, corporate and private entities, as well as volunteers and the printmakers friends and families all participated to make this happen.     

Current donors and/or partners include UW-Manitowoc; the UW-Manitowoc Foundation, Inc.; the City of Manitowoc; Lawrence University; the Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum; the Rahr-West Museum of Art; Graphic Chemical and Ink, and the St. Norbert College Art Department. For contributions of less than the $500/$1000 sponsorship level we will offer an event T-shirt featuring the event logo at the top of this document.

All donations are fully tax deductible. Interested donors are welcome to call UW-Manitowoc at 920-683-4700, or email to

Artists who have made a  print available for sponsors: (click on the names to go to their websites) :Stephanie Copoulos-Selle, Jesse Parrott, Candace Corgan, Berel Lutsky, Emily ArthurJohn HItchcock, Alex Gradecki, Rachel GriffenJudith Joseph, Katherine MillerKristin NowlinVeronica CeciLaurie HallKatie Reis, Michael Connors, Abbey Kleinert, Joni Wildman, Gail Panske, Dara Larson,  Matthew Bindert, Ben Rinehart, Lena BoatmanAlex Beadle, Pete Railand, Ana Laura Juarez 

Steamroller Printmaking, Really BIGPRINTS!!
July 21 - 25, 2014

REALLY BIG PRINTS!! A “Steamroller Printmaking Event” organized by Berel Lutsky – UW Manitowoc, Ben Rinehart – Lawrence University, the Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum and the Rahr-West Art Museum.

The City of Manitowoc graciously donated the use of the steamroller for a special 5-day printmaking event  July 21-25,  2014 and agreed to mount an exhibit of the prints at the city’s Rahr-West Art Museum. Artists were invited to prepare and bring a large-scale relief matrix and print an edition of large relief prints. All of  the ink some and paper was  generously  provided by Grapic Chemical and Ink of  Villa Park Illinois.   The culmination of this project will be an exhibition of the prints first at the Rahr West Art Museum August  9- 17, 2014 and then at the Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum.  ReallyBIGPPRINTS!! will travel to the Art Center-Highland Park in March of 2016.

53 Amazing Printmakers from near and far came to UW-Manitowoc July 21-25, 2014 to create 41 large scale (60” x  36”) relief prints.  This event has already put Manitowoc on the map for printmakers and print collectors.  The number of participants and duration of the event is nearly unique, as well as the opportunity for the printmakers to print a limited edition of their large print, and have it exhibited “hot off the press.”

HWT&P Museum Logo 

Contact Information

Berel Lutsky, Associate Professor of Art

University of Wisconsin – Manitowoc
705 Viebahn Street
Manitowoc, WI 54220-6699
920 683 4735

Benjamin D. Rinehart, Associate Professor of Art

Lawrence University
Wriston Art Center
711 E. Boldt Way, SPC-01
Appleton, WI 54911

Organizer Biographies

Berel Lutsky was born in Buffalo NY and raised in Milwaukee, WI. He earned his BS in studio art with a concentration in printmaking from UW Madison, and his MFA in studio art with a concentration in printmaking and drawing from UW Milwaukee. He taught at several UW Colleges, Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, Carroll University in Waukesha, and the Avni Institute in Israel. In addition to his formal education he has worked as a printer at the “Fishy Whale Press” in Milwaukee WI, the Tel Aviv Artist’ House Printshop, and has presented workshops and done residencies at the Jerusalem Print  Workshop. His work has been exhibited locally, regionally and nationally and is in public and private collections in Israel, Belgium, Japan and the US. He is currently an Associate Professor of Art at UW-Manitowoc where he teaches drawing, design, photography, printmaking, and painting.

Benjamin D. Rinehart specializes in multimedia images with a strong focus on printmaking, book constructions, painting and drawing. His socially charged work is a part of many public and private collections and has been exhibited both nationally and internationally. Ben received a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Herron School of Art and a Master of Fine Arts from Louisiana State University. He is currently an Associate Professor of Painting and Printmaking at Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin. He has taught in New York & New Jersey at Pratt Institute, Rutgers/Mason Gross School of the Arts, Long Island University, Fordham University, FIT, and Manhattan Graphics Center. He has continued to teach as a visiting artist at various institutions around the country like the Center for Book Arts, Pyramid Atlantic, Minnesota Center for Book Arts, Brookfield Craft Center and the John Michael Kohler Art Center. Ben is the author of a book titled, "Creating Books & Boxes." For examples of his work and teaching schedule visit

Cooperating Organizations/Sponsors

Hamilton Woodtype & Printing Museum
Rahr-West Art Museum
City of Manitowoc
Lawrence University
Akua/Speedball Art Products Co.
Graphic Chemical and Ink

List of Confirmed Artists/Attendees

Lutsky, Berel
Rinehart, Ben
Scotello, John
Railand, Pete
Moran, Jim
Carpenter, Stephanie
Panske, Gail
Copoulos-Selle, Stephanie
Parrott, Jesse
Juarez, Ana Laura
Corgan, Candice
Larson, Dara
Tasch, Tori
Weiss, Kim
Bindert, Matthew
Style, Christine
Arthur, Emily W.
Hitchcock, John
Gradecki, Alex
Griffin, Rachel
Port, Alexandra
Munoz, Maren
David, Aaron
Denman, Maggie
Affourtit, Francine K.
Castro, Genie
Joseph, Judith
Miller, Katherine
Powers Nowlin, Kristin
Medaris, S.V (Sue)
Ceci, Veronica
Connors, Michael
Szudejko, Ron
Wildman, Joni
Sullivan, Emily
Kleinert, Abigail
Carley, Robyn
Ellis-Boatman, Lena
Cain, Ryan
Langer, Brandon
Hall, Laurie
Beadel, N. Adam
Matthes, Colin