Placement Testing


Placement tests are required of all new, incoming students who have not yet completed college level English, mathematics or foreign language coursework. The testing is required of all who enter one of the University of Wisconsin Colleges regardless of age. Transfer students may not be required to take the tests if they have completed transferable college level coursework in mathematics, writing, or foreign language.

Placement tests are designed to help determine which of the many English, math, and foreign language courses are the best place for you to start. All University of Wisconsin students, regardless of major, are required to acquire specific proficiencies in mathematics and writing to earn an associate or bachelor's degree. Many universities and/or majors also require evidence of experience with a foreign language either at the high school or college level (see your advisor for specific requirements).

The placement tests are specific to the UW System; tests from other colleges and universities outside the UW System do not replace these placement tests.

What do I need to know?

Students are allowed 90 minutes for each of the English and mathematics tests, and 60 minutes for the foreign language test. UW-Manitowoc students will also complete a writing sample. Although a calculator is not required, test-takers may use a non-graphing calculator during the mathematics test. Standard fee for the group of placement tests is $30, including the foreign language test. This fee will be charged to your student account.


Plan to take your placement tests prior to attending Orientation, or before meeting with your advisor, to permit the return of the results to be used to help select your classes. To register for a regional placement test date, visit the website for the Regional Placement Testing Program. Or contact the Student Affairs Office at 920-683-4707 for a list of scheduled testing dates.

Students are asked to arrive at least 10 minutes before the noted time to locate the test site. The tests begin promptly at the time listed below; late arrivals will NOT be admitted and must take the tests at a later date. Advance registration for the tests is highly recommended to ensure that there will be space to accommodate your testing, but walk-ins will be permitted if space is available.