Dean's Message

Dean Charles Clarck in front of UW Manitowoc buildingIt is my pleasure to welcome you to the University of Wisconsin-Manitowoc.  As one campus of the two-year UW Colleges of the University of Wisconsin System, we are the best start for the life that you want.  UW-Manitowoc provides students with the curriculum that will lead to the Associate of Arts and Science degree, as well as a strong foundation for completing a baccalaureate degree at a four-year campus. 

Our liberal arts curriculum at UW-Manitowoc allows for the breadth and depth of intellectual exploration that is necessary as students prepare for life after high school.  Whether you are a student who will soon graduate from high school, has just graduated from high school, or are a student who is returning to continue your education after a hiatus, you will find that our faculty and staff offer you the ability to develop and sharpen your critical-thinking skills, to expand your knowledge of the arts, humanities, and the natural and social sciences.  The wide range of courses that you will take when attending UW-Manitowoc will prepare you to be an active citizen in your community and a valued and productive colleague in your profession. 

If you decide to transfer to a four-year institution after completing your work at UW-Manitowoc, you will find yourself exceptionally prepared for success.  Students who begin at a two-year campus within the UW System and then transfer to a four-year institution consistently have a higher degree of success than students who begin at a four-year institution.  This fact speaks volumes about the quality of the education that you will receive at UW-Manitowoc. 

I encourage you to explore this website, particularly the curricular and co-curricular offerings, as well as the collaborative degree-completion programs we offer in partnership with other UW campuses.  In many instances, you will find that you can complete a four-year UW degree without leaving Manitowoc.

Welcome to UW-Manitowoc, our beautiful campus on the lakeshore!  I hope to have the opportunity to meet you soon. 

Dr. Charles Clark came to UW-Manitowoc in July 2011 after serving as associate dean at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point in the College of Letters & Science. He has served in the UW-System in instructional and administrative roles since 1993.