Meet Our Campus Community

Brooke Alice Koenig

AAS degree, UW-Manitowoc, 2009 BS degree in biotechnology, UW-Stout Junior Chief Operating Officer at Turning Earth, LLC, author

In all the years of going to school, transferring on to other universities, and finishing degrees, the faculty and staff at UW-Manitowoc have been the most dedicated and amazing people I have ever met. They truly care to see students succeed.

I managed to get as far as I am today in my educational goals because of professors like Dr. Amy Kabrhel and Dr. Rebecca Abler. I logged in an insane amount of time in Dr. Kabrhel’s office trying to get my head wrapped around chemistry and I credit Dr. Abler with introducing me to microbiology. Dr. Abler took extra time to teach me my first hands-on microbiology skills in the lab before I ever stepped into a microbiology course. I fell so much in love with research, and microbiology, that I am now completing a Masters in Microbiology. 

I would strongly recommend attending UW-Manitowoc to ANY student considering a college degree, whether it be an associate’s degree or a bachelor's degree.  The smaller class sizes in combination with passionate, dedicated professors are a recipe for success. 

Roz Vossen (Diedrich)

AAS degree, UW-Manitowoc 2007; Head Service Technician at Milwaukee PC; author

I chose UW-Manitowoc because I wanted to further my knowledge and skills in my passion of writing and the campus was local and affordable.

I greatly enjoyed all of my time spent performing and aiding the campus theatre and its productions. I was one of the originating members of Guerilla Theatre in which I played roles as a writer, actor, tech, or director.

John Wright (associate professor of communication arts/theatre) was a very influential part of my time at UW-Manitowoc. Not only did I perform in many of the theatre productions he directed, improving my skills as an actor, but I also participated in a game he ran outside of school which later led to the inspiration and creation of a book I co-authored, “Winds of Fate.” I learned a lot of time management, and stress-reducing skills during those performances. I also was able to be very creative and honed a lot of my script-writing skills - writing a majority of the plays performed for the shows. I honestly feel a lot of the dialogue I write in stories now is snappy and witty because of all that I learned cranking out 3-4 page scripts in the duration of a few hours.

Lindsay B.

Lindsay B.

Transferred to UW-Green Bay, Intended Major: English Literature & Women's Studies

My experience at UW-Manitowoc changed my life. I started school as a non-traditional student with a small child. I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. The resources and professors at UW-Manitowoc helped me find direction and realize what my passions were. Attending UW-Manitowoc was the greatest life change I ever made and the guidance of the professors and staff helped me realize my true potential and life goals. 

Brian Johnson

Brian Johnson

UW-Manitowoc Alumnus, UW-Manitowoc Foundation President, Green Bay Area Chamber of Commerce Young Professionals Program Manager

As a first generation college student, I was very unaware of how to navigate the higher education channel. What UW-Manitowoc taught me was that it didn't need to be difficult. They were a family of professionals who were all well trained and committed to helping students achieve.
The best part of my experience was having access to opportunities related to academics, athletics, student government, clubs and more. UW Manitowoc was able to provide access to opportunities that I just would not have had on other campuses and they were experiences that extended learning beyond the classroom while stretching what the professors were teaching by providing the opportunity to learn firsthand about the practical application of what they were teaching.

Charlie L.

Intended Major: Electrical Engineering

The best part about UW-Manitowoc is how the teachers are so helpful and accommodating. It’s also a great place to get involved with campus events and clubs right away as a freshman and sophomore.

Professor Kabrhel

Dr. Amy Kabrhel

Associate Professor of Chemistry, UW-Manitowoc Alumna

As a student, the best part of my experience at UW-Manitowoc involved the instructors because they were incredibly helpful. I could tell from day one on campus that they truly wanted me to succeed, and they would help me be successful in any way that they could.

The best part about being a professor at UW-Manitowoc is that I get to know every one of my students and help them succeed. Students are not just a number at UW-Manitowoc! Students get the high level of education you would expect from a four-year university with the small class environment of a private college – it’s the best of both worlds!


Professor White

Dr. V. Alan White

Professor of Philosophy, 1996 Carnegie/CASE Wisconsin Professor of the Year, 2009 UW Colleges/Extension Chancellor's Award for Excellence

Our campus offers an educational experience that is unmatched by many 4-year campuses simply because we employ the most qualified instructors—most with PhDs as opposed to using graduate teachings assistants—who not just know their stuff by academic qualification, but are tried-and-true experts with years of experience of how best to deliver the highest quality of UW education.  We are second to no one in the freshman-sophomore experience of higher education in the state of Wisconsin, and deliver that experience at the lowest cost of obtaining a UW degree.

I have had opportunities to go elsewhere, but I am here because I believe in the value of UW education, and anything else would be a step down from that.


Elizabeth Binversie

UW-Manitowoc alumna, BS Degree in Dairy Science x2015 from UW-Madison, Applying for master's degree program

I chose to attend UW-Manitowoc so that I could take my general education classes and save money before transferring to UW-Madison.

The best part of my experience at UW-Manitowoc was working on a stream quality research project in summer 2012 with Dr. Hein and Dr. Abler in the biology department.  I did not expect to have a research opportunity while attending UW-Manitowoc, so this was an awesome experience.

All of my professors genuinely cared about their students and made themselves available to help in any way possible.  Specifically, Drs. Hein and Abler, and my chemistry professor, Dr. Kabrhel, were very influential.  They are outstanding professors and individuals.  I learned a lot and was able to enjoy their classes.  They were all influential in helping me remain a science major, and I received the building blocks needed for my advanced classes at UW-Madison.

UW-Manitowoc was also very helpful in preparing me for and promoting career opportunities and internships.  I've held an internship every summer since I started my undergraduate career.

If I were to give advice to those considering attending UW-Manitowoc I'd say that UW-Manitowoc offers great opportunities for advanced education.  Don't be afraid to get involved in what you're interested in, whether that be research, clubs, or sports.  The faculty and staff are all very welcoming and willing to help you.  It's a great place to start your college career, especially if you plan to transfer to another university.  I had already chosen a major while attending UW-Manitowoc, so I was very careful in choosing my classes.  I was able to save a lot of money  and I received a high quality education.